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    Here’s a post by one of the founders of Commute.ph. Jolo was invited to talk about Commute.ph last Friday for the DLSU Hackercup. Read his blog post and his presentation below.


    I had my first talk yesterday at DLSU for their Hackercup. Sir Ralph invited me to talk about my experiences in Commute.ph and also encourage students about startups.

    I entitled my presentation as “Commute.ph, and beyond”. The slides are shown below. I started my discussion with a little bit…

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  2. Anonymous asked: How do I commute from Katipunan to Eastwood? Thanks! :D

    Katipunan LRT to Cubao. Then follow this instructions. :)

  3. Anonymous asked: Form buendia station (MRT) going to Westgate Plaza in H.V Dela Costa St.

    Ride a jeep from Buendia, get down after Mapua. Cross the street, and you will find a street called Tordesillas. Walk towards it and you will HV Dela Costa.

  4. How to commute to Power Plant Mall (Rockwell Center)

    Directions going to Power Plant Mall (Rockwell Center) via public transportation.

    1. Ride the nearest MRT. MRT station will be our starting point.
    2. Get down at Guadalupe station.
    3. Walk towards Loyola Memorial Chapel.
    4. Before the chapel, their will be a street called Bernardino. Ride a jeep there going to Ayala or Pedro Gil.
    5. Get off at Power Plant Mall.

    More commuting directions at Commute.ph.

  5. How to commute to Eastwood City

    Directions going to Eastwood City via public transportation

    Go to Cubao first. Cubao is one of the easiest place to go through public transportation. You can go to Cubao via MRT, or LRT2. There are also various jeeps, buses, and fx around Metro Manila going or passing there.

    1. Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao is our starting point.
    2. Go outside Gateway Mall near the Araneta Colosseum.
    3. Then cross the road to Shopwise. You may choose to enter, or just walk beside it.
    4. Cross the road again then continue walking pass the Superstore Arcade.
    5. Across the street is Cubao Expo. Ride a jeep there going to Rosario. It will pass by Eastwood City.

    From Cubao, and commuting by jeep, it will cost you for about P12.00.

    Commute to Eastwood City

    Comment about commuting from Gateway Mall to Eastwood City in Commute.ph here.

  6. Commuting in the Philippines

    Commuting. It’s more fun in the Philippines. Really? That’s what they said.

    But if you really look into it, commuting is not fun in the Philippines. Especially when you’re from Metro Manila and using the public transportation. There are too many of them scattered everywhere around the Metro. If a new guy comes around, maybe a tourist, there will be a big percentage that he will get lost. The only means of knowing directions is by asking people, maybe a family or a friend knows how to commute via public transportation. Unfortunately for some, the only people they can ask are the people on the streets.

    Commuting through public transportation is a tricky task for a new guy. In Metro Manila alone, we can identify five means of public transportation: jeep, train, bus, fx, and tricycle. Not including taxi which can cost a lot of money. Also, Google Maps directions feature is not working here in our country.

    There are blogs that provides directions to an area. Still, they lack some information like the fare. There are also apps that can provide point to point directions. Commute.ph is one of these apps. It provides directions from a location to a specific destination with information such as what to ride and how much.

    With these services provided, commuting in the Philippines will be less hassle. And that image above, may become true.

    Image source: http://www.itsmorefuninthephilippines.com/

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