1. How to commute to Eastwood City

    Directions going to Eastwood City via public transportation

    Go to Cubao first. Cubao is one of the easiest place to go through public transportation. You can go to Cubao via MRT, or LRT2. There are also various jeeps, buses, and fx around Metro Manila going or passing there.

    1. Gateway Mall in Araneta Center, Cubao is our starting point.
    2. Go outside Gateway Mall near the Araneta Colosseum.
    3. Then cross the road to Shopwise. You may choose to enter, or just walk beside it.
    4. Cross the road again then continue walking pass the Superstore Arcade.
    5. Across the street is Cubao Expo. Ride a jeep there going to Rosario. It will pass by Eastwood City.

    From Cubao, and commuting by jeep, it will cost you for about P12.00.

    Commute to Eastwood City

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